Despite the fact that people are only now acknowledging that the shinobi world is really negligent to children, mostly because they are tools of war and not innately people, for all the suffering and awfulness that Naruto and Sasuke went through, they had it good. They actually had homes. 

Imagine what it’d be like in the bad villages. 

Because hey, the other jinchuriki who had it way worse should just be ignored. Not like their suffering is worth noting. 

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            ” That truth only counts if you were talking about

               yourself, ‘cause it describes you perfectly. “

"I am already a giant, and my body is made of muscle. The stench matters little; but it is not my scent. That is likely the blood that remains on my armor after all my victories. But unlike you, I care little for what people think of me. Like me or hate me, it matters not. Both groups are easily killed." 

"Then again, to be so unnerved by such petty insults, you are easier to rile than I expected. You make a good match with the blonde fool." 



     ”She maybe a handful, but she’s M Y Ino-chan and no matter what I’ll always be by her side, besides…she makes me want to be stronger…far stronger than I am right now-dattebayo.”  

"What she makes you want is irrelevant. At the end of the day, there is only what is. What you want means nothing. There are only the needs, and the most basic is survival. You cannot coddle her like a precious stone, and at any moment she may be killed and you will be powerless to act. Such is life, but you do not accept this, and so you will only suffer as a result." 


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— █ █ ☀           It was evident that the enemy was long go, not a trace was left except for the remnants of their battlefield. Damn. A hiss emitted from the young woman, palm pressed to a wound in her side.

           Anko was just about head back to Konoha when a twig snapped, immediately drawing her attention. Digits slipping in her pocket, a kunai was drawn, thrown in the direction in which the sound had come from.

                                                    “—Show yourself.”


There was the sound of metal hitting metal, as the kunai harmlessly hit against Han’s armor. The giant of a man, standing at at least seven and a half feet, walked into view, white smoke from the furnace on his back wafting into the air. 

"If you could not see or hear me, you must be deaf and blind." With the bright red armor, the giant was hard to miss. That, and he wasn’t exactly stealthy. You couldn’t be at that size. 

"If you are here to clear out those that were here, I have already taken care of that. They put up a rather lackluster fight." 


"Not soft. I learned from my experiences. It pays to have people sympathetic to you. I could get by without either of them, true. But I’d rather have them there. And in case you forgot, the man so similar to yourself was a weak little shit who couldn’t keep his own village under control.”

"As for the rest, perhaps you should try asking the woman herself. Unless you plan on standing there, getting off to the sound of your own voice.”

"As I recall, that ‘weak little shit’ killed the Kage before him, butchered all who stood against him, and then defeated your rebellion. If there is a weak one here, it is you, not him. But then again, I think the only reason you’ve changed is because you’ve given up on ever hoping to succeed in your vendetta, and take solace is the women that use you." 


"Haku is far more important than that. His condition is… Improving, at the very least. He has the finest medical care than a person could ask for. Yugito and I have an understanding, I helped her with a rather lucrative bounty, and she helps me in her own way. Which is far more than sexual. As for Samui, we have history. "

"History is a great deal, but to leave a threat alive after they’ve served their use… you seem to be slipping. You are not as ruthless as you once were. As for the blonde, she seems like a waste of time. One who wants to use you while you entertain her notions of control. Better to off her and be done with it." 

"Truly, I thought a shinobi raised in the land of the bloody mist under a man much like myself would result in us being far more similar. Either that, or you have gone soft with age." 


"I never said that. I said I don’t kill pointlessly. I enjoy the killing as much as anyone can, more, if I’m honest. But I also know that killing for no reason doesn’t help me. As for why people gravitate to me, call it ‘charisma’. Or, better yet, ask them that question yourself.”

"No kill is pointless if it’s enjoyable. As for why they gravitate towards you, they like using you it seems. The child has no other options save death. The two tails needs love from somewhere, and the blonde thinks that a known quantity is better than an unknown one. But in the end, all are using you. Better to kill them all, save the child, unless he has some greater use. In the end, you sit around being kept in inaction because of them." 


"I have an understanding with those people. That’s all you need to worry about. And I only kill the people I have to kill. Just killing everybody I meet would be idiotic."

"So you do not enjoy the killing as I do. I admit, you intrigue me, for you are equally as hated as I, yet other gravitate to you. What use do these people have to you?"

Anonymous asked: But what other use is sex? It seems silly

"I have no idea. I imagine some find it pleasurable. Some use it as a means of power, but such a discussion is not for you who doesn’t even know where children come from." 

Anonymous asked: But what use would it be if there was only the random parts? A baby wouldn't happen that way

"No one said sex had to be just for producing children. They’re nasty beasts anyway, what with all the blood and crying and afterbirth… And the fun process and putting the uterus back into place. Better than cattle; those actually come out upon occasion." 

Anonymous asked: ... Usually?

"Well, it would probably still be sex if you had those parts lying around, but one snake shinobi seem to do things like that." 

"I have no idea who you are, but you look like a pathetic human being. Much like every other human being." 

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