"I’m not sure if I want to thank you or punch you in the face." Temari sighed, shaking her head. "I know, you’re trying to set me straight. But… well, but nothing actually. That’s… probably… definitely something I needed to hear.” 

It was confusing and difficult, trying to figure out the inner workings of Han and trying to build a good life for him. She wondered, idly, in the back of her mind, what he might have been like had he been brought up differently. If he’d been brought up like any other shinobi child. 

"Well, then. Any advice, Kokuo?"

"Advice? I have given you quite a lot of advice already, human. But, if you need more, I would suggest not trying to convince him he is human. He likely will remember little of what he did once he saw red; he has the same reaction in battle. It helps to keep him sane when he crushes hundreds of people in a sitting. That much death by one hand in one day is not easy on the mind." 

"You should not look at yourself as being a psychiatrist. Look at yourself more like a gardener. You did good planting the seed; but you need to let it grow on its own. It can grow, but you need to be careful. Trying to rush it will destroy everything you are working towards. Is that enough advice? Or do you need more?"


Temari listened to his words. She deliberated what he said, even though her mind was set. 

"Everyone deserves a chance at a good life and friends and a relationship and happiness. I’m not giving up. He’s rough around the edges and he’s got a long way to go. But if I have anything yo do with it… if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to try my damnedest for him.”

Maybe she was falling in love. She hoped not; that would be… unethical and ridiculous. Falling in love would be pointless. With anyone. 

The beast sighed. “You do not understand. These words mean nothing to him. Friends, relationships, happiness… these are just words. You cannot explain them to him. You are persistent, but unless you want him crushing you, your last attempt is not a good way to go about it.” 

"But its not impossible. You’ll have to create humanity in him, and you’ve started to do that with that beast that follows him around. He does not harm it because it is not human, and it bears him no enemy. But it is not enough. You need to encourage him to show it affection, and to learn how to do so. If you tell him he is human, he will only open the floodgates you’ve seen. If he show him he is human, he will need to rethink his position.” 

"As for you… your affection confused him. He attempted to put it into some context he did understand, and you were close. But again, he does not understand it. Still… I commend  you for getting closer than any before you."


Tying her towel over herself, Temari kneeled down and cupped the man’s chin, bringing his eyes level to hers. “At least you aren’t egging him on,” she murmured, brushing her hair out of her face. 

"I guess…. I should thank you again, shouldn’t I? Seems as though you keep saving a lot of people."

"It does not serve my interest to do so. As for you, I do not care. But it is in my best interest not to be at the whims of a man who would happily bathe in the blood of his hated enemies." 

"You are not dealing with your brother. The other jinchuriki all suffer from loneliness, and then fall into insanity, depression, or madness. Han has never felt this way, for he was given a reason for why he was treated the way he was. A reason he accepted, and which you are trying to unravel, which as you can see, is a very foolish endeavor. He does not feel pain anymore, human. He has filled his heart with hate. You cannot convince him to give up this hate any more than you can tell the sun not to rise." 

It was always odd, having a beast that was more articulate than the human he was in, but Kokuo was not Shukaku or Kurama. The polite five tails was a demon of wisdom and patience, not of warfare. 

"The common dream of jinchuriki is to be accepted. Your brother, the nine tailed jinchuriki, the eight tailed jinchuriki, the two tailed, the seven. There is an exception to this however. The three tailed, who possessed my brother, used his power and turned the hidden mist into the bloody mist. That is why I hold Han back. For if I gave him my power he would do far, far worse. The four tailed jinchuriki craved solitude to deal with his anger…. Han’s thoughts have turned to hate and rage. There is no way to reconcile him; you are equally as hated and as guilty as the citizens of Iwa."

"So the questions remains; knowing that you will be unable to draw out the humanity in him that doesn’t exist… would you attempt to create it?"


Her eyes finally opened and she noted the tall man kneeling before her. the voice that came from him was familiar, even thought the words sounded foreign. Kokuo was… speaking to her?

"I…" she began, taking a moment to swallow. "I didn’t think he’d… I mean, after everything…" Finally, she simply looked away and allowed herself to breath. "Why did you… stop him?"

"You didn’t think he was being truthful? You are but a blip in the life of a being who feels but one thing towards humanity as a whole; hatred. Now, if you could raise his head a bit, I’d like to actually be able to see you while we converse." 

Because the beast didn’t like to admit that speaking was about as much as it could do right now; not when it was keeping Han from rampaging. “As for why I stopped him, it does not do me any good for him to kill lots of people using my chakra. This isn’t the first time he’s gone off like this either; but that’s what happens when you decide to remove the one think keeping him from butchering every living thing in front of him.” 


The blonde tried not to flinch, not to show weakness. For once, he was scaring her. The wall was cold against her skin, and yet that was more comforting that his gaze. 

He was going to kill her. 

His fist hit the wall beside her and she flinched away from it. What seemed like milliseconds after, his other fist was coming at her face. This was the end, wasn’t it? This was how she’d die. It wasn’t at all like she had imagined; she wasn’t going down fighting. Instead she was rolling over and taking a fist to the skull. Temari’s eyes scrunched shut as she waited for the impact.

It never came.

The fist did not come. It remained, less than an inch from her face, as thought at the last moment it had been stopped by a wall. The man did not move; he simply remained where he was, frozen like a statue. 

For unbeknownst to Temari, there was a fight going on in Han’s mind. The five tails, as it had done many times before, was holding Han back. It had to; it understood that its own survival was at stake even though it did not care at all about one more human. 

Then, Han’s body slumped as the giant fell to his knees. A groan was the only sound he made, and for a few more moments more there was silence. 

Suddenly, he spoke. “You are not too smart, to doubt the words of someone so violent.” The voice was Han’s, but it was clearly not him speaking here. And still his body did not move from its slumped position. “He was not lying when he said I was the only thing stopping him from killing you, human.” 

ᴍ ᴏ ɴ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ s } aren’t born, they are made.

                                                  You abuse somebody who’s ᵂᴱᴬᴷ
                             p u s h i n g them over and over again until they s̶̨n̢̢á̴p͟
         bending their morals, shattering them like glass, leaving them to rot in their own
                                                                     D̲̲ ̲̲E̲̲ ̲̲S̲̲ ̲̲P̲̲ ̲̲A̲̲ ̲̲I̲̲ ̲̲R̲̲ ̲
                                                —then you give them ( POWER).
                                               So they can wreak R E V E N G E 
                                        and obliterate anything standing in their way. 
                                                Aren’t monsters to be { pitied }, then ?


No. That expression. That horrid, nightmare-inducing expression. The smile, the look in his eyes; it was just like Shukaku. Han seemed to have lost whatever sanity and control he had. This was likely the night Sabaku no Temari would die; the camel was nowhere near them.

The wind mistress backed up, face set more in determination than fear. She’d swore years ago that she’d never let her fear show again. It wasn’t long before she was pressed against the wall, one hand holding her towel shut and the other clenched into a fist at her side. She hadn’t brought any weapons with her; she was completely relying on her own strength. And that was no match for the giant man.

"You don’t have to do it. You can be better than them. Rise above their level. They were cruel to you, yes. But… but…" She should’ve been paying more attention when Naruto made his speeches. Channeling the ramen-loving idiot wasn’t helping at all.

The man advanced on her, grin never leaving. He would have such fun; he would finally have the vengeance that had been denied to him for so long. And the greatest joke of all was that it was he who denied it to himself… But now he would take what was his, consequences be damned. 

He punched the wall next to her, cracking it with seemingly little effort. It would be a pity to kill her, but she no longer served a purpose. So his other fist was pulled back, before flying forward as though to crush her head against a wall like a grape. And oh, would it be satisfying. Freedom tasted so very sweet. 

But his fist, inexplicably, stopped a mere inch from her face, despite him clearly intended to kill her then and there. He said nothing, and his eyes glazed over as though he was no longer there. But he didn’t move. 

Anonymous asked: han y u so tall???

"Careful breeding and genetic enhancements by Iwa." 


"No. That’s not the right thing. Vengeance isn’t the answer." She didn’t flinch as he broke the stones around the pool, making a mental note to reimburse the owners for the damage. "We may be in the business of settling debts with violence and scare tactics, but outside of missions, we’re expected to act civil. And civil humans don’t slaughter innocent people."

The things she’d said to him only seemed to make things worse. She needed to shut up now. 

"Don’t act on impulse. Think things through. You don’t have to kill anyone. You can just… let it go."

Wow. She wasn’t good at this. Maybe she needed to take better notes from Naruto.

He didn’t seem to be listening. It was if her words weren’t there, as though she was talking to herself. 

"Impulse? I have held back my entire life, because I was not human. It was not the place subhumans to harm humans, no matter how much I hated them. But if I am human… then there is no reason to hold back. They see me as the monster I am… the monster they created. There is no redemption. There is only the question as to when I begin exacting the revenge that is warranted. It is just when it is done to a subhuman… but it is an abomination if done by one human to another. And I will happily exact the revenge I have thought about my entire life.” 

He stood; his towering, burned form casting a shadow over her as the water dripped back into the pool. And then, seemingly unnaturally, a smile formed on his face. The sort of unnatural, terrible smile only worn by those who are contemplating the sort of evil acts any good man might shutter at. 

But the face was not entirely unfamiliar to some, and not to Temari. For the look in Han’s eyes was similar to that of Shukaku’s when he took over Gaara. But this was not a demon possessing a man; this was a man who was forged into a demon. A demon who now smiled with glee at the prospect of watching those who wronged him suffer in agony. 

And those eyes were on Temari. 


"I’m not telling you to make yourself into a criminal. I’m not telling you to renounce anything. I’m telling you… shit. I’m tell you that you don’t have to go back. You can stay in Suna… or you can return to Iwa. The choice is yours. You’re not my prisoner. The circumstances of our meeting were odd, yes. But I wouldn’t change it."

Temari rubbed her forehead. Were they really going to have this meaningful conversation whilst naked at a hot spring? Apparently so.

"I do… ‘desire’ your presence. You make me… a lot of things, actually. Annoyed, frustrated, happy, mournful. Perhaps it was seeing you with the camels that softened me to you. If I’m being truly honest, though, it was probably before that.

"Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about you killing or anything. This is about… you having a place to fell welcomed, safe. To eat a good meal. A comfortable place to sleep — assuming I ever find a bed large enough to accommodate you."

Han thought, and a shadow came over his face. Clearly, whatever he was thinking was not good, and Temari was off base. “If I am no weapon, then I have no reason to spare them my wrath. Their treatment was justified because I am not human. But if that is false… then the only just thing to do is to kill each and every one of them.” 

His hands gripped the side of the tub, and with his bare hands he crushed the stone edges into dust. Clearly, his rage was boiling over, and her speech wasn’t making things better. What did it matter if he was a criminal or not? He was a weapon, and weapons killed. If he was human, and not a tool, then the only thing keeping him from doing the only thing he wanted to do was gone. There was no reason not to kill them. There was no reason to spare them his wrath. 

He slammed his fist down on the stone outside of the pool next to him, cracking the stones as though they were made of clay. 

"The only right thing to do is to take the safety from those that gave me none. To make them beg as I kill them with the severed limbs of their children and elders." 


"You’re not a weapon to me. You’re a human, a jinchuriki, despite what you say. You’re… a dear friend, a companion. Someone I enjoy having around. I don’t want to imagine not having you around. I have no interest in ‘using' you for anything other than to serve my selfish want for your company. I don't send you back for that reason and this: that Iwa treats you like scum and I don't like it.” 

Way to stick to your title, Temari.

Han blinked, and frowned, which was more than he usually showed in the way of emotion. He seemed legitimately puzzled; as though she was speaking some other language.

"You… desire to have me around?" Impossible. Unthinkable. At least, it was if she did not have any reason besides the fact that she didn’t like the way Iwa treated him. But that didn’t benefit her in the slightest; so why did she care? It made no sense. He wasn’t human. He was a demon, a monster, a jinchuriki, and he certainly wasn’t human. He was below her. 

"I do not understand. To be a jinchuriki is to renounce one’s own humanity and become the demon. To be human would make me a mass murderer and mean that I have some control over my own life, which I do not. It would mean that I am free to renounce my obligations to my kage, and bring about the vengeance that I desire." 

Bad idea Temari. This train of thought might just get a lot of innocent women and children killed. 


Temari let out a long breath. “That you even say that it shouldn’t be possible… you were clearly scarred in more than the obvious way when you were younger. As much as I’d like to fix that, I can’t. Clearly, though I’ve tried, I can’t get you to see that you’re more than the weapon you were intended to be. I don’t know about ‘love’. I’m not sure what that feels like. But I do care for you. If you hadn’t figured out that much by now… then you must be pretty dense.”

"If you did not realize that by now, then you are the dense one here. I know you care, although I do not know in what capacity. My village cares for me, for they need me alive so that I may kill for them. But their care gives me a home in the bottom of a gravel quarry with rotten meat to subsist on and prisoners sent to me for execution to vent my frustrations against. If you care, I am trying to figure out what you gain from this, what purpose you plan to use me for. Clearly, you do not wish to be Kazekage; I originally thought you might want to use me to kill your brothers and take the seat yourself. Now that it is clear that is not the case, perhaps you wish to destroy Konoha so that the wind diamyo stops paying them for contracts that should be yours. Or perhaps you merely wish to use me against Iwa in order to strengthen the sand… there are many reasons to care. None of which I have been able to speak of with certainty." 


"Why do you care?" He was adamant, she’d give him that. Though he’d proven to be rather a difficult person over the months.

"I’m interested. Because if that was the case, you would be the first human to ever feel anything towards me that wasn’t resentment and hate. And that intrigues me, because it should not be possible." 


"I’m sure you could figure out an alternative. As for what I feel… I think we’ve established that no matter what I feel, given the word, you’d kill me without a second thought. So what’s the point in telling you?"

"You’re the one who is desperate to try and make me decide otherwise. Clearly you’ve given up, because if there was no point, then there isn’t a point not to tell me." 


"Han. I’m going to offer you some advice that I don’t typically give people. Do yourself a favor and get laid or something."

"Rather hard to when your penis was set on fire. As for you, all you need to say is that you don’t love me. I don’t love you, for example. But then again, I’m incapable of actually feeling such things for anyone."